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Twins in History – A Blessing or a Curse?

Twins in History

The birth of twins isn’t something unusual. Historically, it was accepted in many cultures.
The birth of twins can be found in various myths throughout different believes, especially during the ancient period.

There are some valid examples such as; Romulus and Remus or Castor and Pollux.

Twins had been accepted in society and were not a taboo subject.

In fact, twins in history would be associated with a higher being or power.

Despite this, people were unaware of how human genes function and the creation of twins.

What could go wrong?

In some cases, twins can be born with complications such as being conjoined together.

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These twins could not survive the harsh medieval climate and inevitably were left to die.

This was the harsh reality as the children would inescapably face suffering their entire lives. 


Twins Viewed by Society

Having a twin was viewed as being greatly advantageous as you can be in two places at once and no one would notice!

Due to the low administration system, it was very easy for twins to move as one and portray the image of a single person.

Twins were able to build a single character and play it to their benefit. Possible reasons for this could be political for example. 

In many societies, twins would be conveyed as Gods and in others, they would be seen as devils or mistakes.

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There are many mysteries surrounding twins in history.

For example; the theory of the “Man in the iron mask” considers that King Louis XIV of France had a twin brother and kept him in prison because it would interfere with his rule and claim to the throne. 

There was great controversy over which twin would be first in line to the throne. Who of the two had been born first?

No one has seen the alleged twin brothers face as it was always hidden by a black velvet cloth.

The true identity of the prisoner remains a mystery. It has been widely debated by historians and various theories have arisen since.

Twins in history
William Shakespeare’s play, ” A Comedy of Errors” follows two twins who were separated at birth by mistake. 


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