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Prelude of The Hun-Chinese War

The Hunno-Chinese Wars ( 202 BC - approximately 181 AD, with interruptions) - a series of military conflicts between the Hunnish and Han China...

History of the Katana

History and Origin Katana, the word means "a curved sword with a one-sided blade". The length of the blade is from 2 to 2.5...

The Weapons, Armor and Tactics of the Fearsome Huns Which Dominated Europe and Asia

What do we know of the Huns? The Huns first appeared at the end of the fourth century when they attacked barbarian tribes living to...

Greatest Historical Leaders From Asia That You Must Know About

1) Genghis Khan: The most well-known asian leaders in history is none other but Genghis Khan. Born Temujin and into a noble family from a clan...

The Barbaric Huns and Their Extreme Beauty Standards

Throughout the world and different time periods, beauty standards have changed and developed drastically. The Huns terrorized much of Europe and the Roman Empire during...

6 Amazing Facts About The Fearsome Huns

The notorious Huns spread horror throughout Europe and Asia. Despite being nomadic people, they still conquered a good portion of land during their Golden period. The...

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Who Invented the Chariot?

The earliest recorded stage of the use of chariots is the Sintashta culture - 4100 years ago. So how did it rise to prominence?

The Mystery of the Boston Art Heist – $500m in Stolen Art

It was dubbed "heist of the century": A duo of thieves stole numerous classic pieces of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

The Red Baron – The World’s Greatest Pilot?

Was the Red Baron the greatest pilot that took to the skies? He is a known legend that fought for Germany in WW1.

The Rule of Pope Gregory IX

Pope Gregory IX had an amazing life and was responsible for a number of decrees that shaped European history.

Pharaoh Menes and the Unification of Egypt

The story of Pharaoh Menes is surrounded in folklore and mystery. Was he really the first pharaoh that united the country of Egypt?