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Arab Conquest of North Africa

The first invasion The first officially organized invasion of North Africa by the Caliphate began in 647. After leaving Medina, 20,000 Arabs joined in Memphis...

Algeria Under French Rule

In 1848, Algeria was declared a territory of France, divided into departments headed by prefects and by the French governor-general. The February Revolution of 1848...

Medieval History of Algeria

In the 7th century, Arabs invaded Algeria and the country's territory became part of the Arab Caliphate. Islamization occurred (and later - Arabization) of...

Prehistoric North Africa – Neolithic Period

The rock carvings of the Sahara, of which the most famous are the drawings from Tassilin-Adjer in Algeria, reflect living scenes of everyday life...

Prehistoric North Africa – Paleolithic Period

Lower and Middle Paleolithic During the excavations on the territory of the Sahara in Ain al-Khaneh (Ain el Hanech) near the Algerian city ​​of Said,...

Prehistory and Ancient History of Morocco

People inhabited the territory of Morocco from the early Paleolithic (700-500 thousand years ago); In the Casablanca area (Thomas I, Homo rhodesiensis ) and...

Early History of Carthage

Carthage was founded by immigrants from the Phoenician city of Tire in the late IX century B.C. According to legend, the city was founded...

First Italo-Ethiopian War (1894-96)

Introduction and War By 1895, the African continent was largely divided between the European powers, but Ethiopia, remained independent. Italy, which was late to the...

The History of the Fatimid Caliphate (909–1171)

The Fatimid caliphate 909-1171 was a medieval Shiite Arab state centered in Cairo from 972. In the era of its power, the Fatimid caliphate...

The History of the Mali Empire

Early History The history of Mali starts in 1050, when the Almoravids attacked the Ghanan Empire, when Baramendana is recorded as ruler of a small...

10 Known and Less Known Kings from Africa

1. Shaka Zulu: Perhaps the most widely known king of Africa is Shaka Zulu. Born into the Zulu kingdom, he had lived his childhood with...

Shields Throughout History Which Were Key in Life or Death Situations

1)Round shield: The most common shield in history, having examples in every corner of the world in antiquity, is the round shield. Shaped to resemble...

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