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Fall of the Western Roman Empire

The transition from the republic to the imperial form of government led to a gradual erosion of the institutions of civil society. The Senate...

The History of Roman Gaul

Gaul was divided into several provinces. The Romans facilitated migration and resettlement in order to avoid uprisings that could pose a threat to Roman...

The History of Syracuse – Roman-Carthaginian Stage

After an unsuccessful struggle with the Carthaginians (406–405 B.C.), the Hermokrat party again appeared on the scene and, by the way, Dionysius, the favorite...

The Roman Legion of the Early Republic Period

In a certain period of time (perhaps in the early period of the Roman Republic, which was headed by two consuls), the legion (the...

The Senate of Ancient Rome

Senate in the era of the Republic With the establishment of the republic, the Senate, along with the magistrates and the people's assemblies ( comitia...

History of Ancient Rome in the VII – VI Centuries B.C.

In ancient times, roman relations were preserved in Rome. The head of the clan, like the Greeks, was the father, the relatives had one...

The Emergence of The Roman Kingdom and City

Initially, the settlements that emerged on the territory of the city were divided settlements, in which the community played the main role. In the...

Legends of the Ancient History of Rome

According to information transmitted by ancient authors, the place where Rome originated was inhabited from ancient times and attracted foreigners. The first colonists of...

The Early History of Rome and its Establishment

The city was founded around settlements at a ford across the Tiber River, at the crossroads of trade routes. According to archaeological evidence, Rome...

The Coup of Odoacer and the Fall of Rome

Background In 474, Julius Nepos became Roman emperor. He successfully fought against the Vandals, and also commanded a fleet that defended the shores of the...

Great Roman Civil War 49–45 BC

The civil war in ancient Rome lasted from 49 to 45 BC and was one of the last major internal conflicts in the Roman...

The Vandal Sack of Rome (455)

Taking advantage of a coup in Rome, which resulted in the death of Emperor Valentinian III, the King of Vandals, Genseric, left Carthage with...

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