The History of Ganja

There is a very old source indicating that people have used marijuana in the ancient world. This source goes back to around 2700 year B.C. and it shows marijuana being used for medicinal purposes in Ancient China. Even though it was used for medical purposes there is no doubt that people used marijuana for personal purposes as well. Getting high and reaching euphoria is something people are doing these days and it’s what they did back then.
This time period isn’t very well known and it also took quite some time for marijuana to travel around to other civilizations. The early civilizations were in a current state of growth and it was believed that marijuana then was spread from China to the civilization of India and then proceeded through Asia and took a turn into North Africa. This was all concluded by following the sources of research. Finally this drug came to Europe, but it was in the late 6 century A.D. There was use of marijuana in the Roman Empire but after the collapse it took the newly found kingdoms some time until they welcomed it.

How Was it Used?

As I mentioned it was firstly used in China and the source pinpoints the year to be 2737 BC, according to the writings of the then current Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. The same way it was used today, it was also used back then for medical purposes, it gave such benefits that made it very valuable.
What was the most important part of a persons life in the past? It was to survive but after that it was sex, alcohol, drugs and enjoyment. People didn’t have much engagement with other entertaining methods so these were the pillars of life. Everyone wants to enjoy in life, and these are the most enjoyable activities even today. But the interesting thing is the use of Ganja with Muslims. The Koran banned alcohol use so the people found another activity which turned out to be marijuana, which was used a lot by the Muslim countries. They developed the hashish which also has some history with it such as the famous Hashashins – Assassins. Marijuana spread quickly from Asia to N. Africa and the people living there accepted it because they were converted to Islam and used it constantly as an euphoria achiever.



Entering the New World


Once the new world was discovered marijuana was moved to America but America introduced tobacco to the old world. Plantations of the plant spread in N. America, tobacco and marijuana were selling great.
The problem here was as the new world developed so did the medicine. Marijuana as a great medicine in the older treatments became less and less involved in the newer ones. It has lost it’s edge and people invoked it’s medicinal qualities, this was around the 19 century.
But because marijuana had a satisfying effect it begun to be used again. It was used in the 20 century again for personal use. It became well known in the clubs around America and it developed parallel with Jazz music. There were marijuana clubs coming out in many major cities and marijuana wasn’t illegal.


It was introduced in medicine once again because of it’s natural effects, but people tended to use it a lot. This got out of hand and some were outraged and started a campaign for anti marijuana use. The marijuana was banned around the 1930’s and continued to prosper illegally. But today many countries have legalized marijuana.
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