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Can You Believe Why This Man Is Being Rewarded 2 Million Pounds?

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A normal man named Derek McLennan was searching with his metal detector in a field when he stumbled upon a large jackpot that will reward him nearly £2 Million Pounds. What he stumbled upon was a huge Viking treasure. The 10th century collection of Viking artifacts that was located on a field in Dumfrieds and Galloway in Scotland, was first discovered by Derek in 2014 but he is now being rewarded money for it.

The find had over 100 items which includes a gold ring, enamelled Christian cross, golden pin, silver bracelets and more. Archeologists describe the items as “outstanding” and “exceptional”, it is even believed that some of the items have Byzantine origin.

Some archeologists like David Harvie, describe this find as an “outstanding international significance” and also they suggest it is one of the most important archeological discoveries ever made in Scotland.

The organization also known as QLTR said that the collection should be handed over to the National Museum of Scotland if they can pay the sum of money to the person responsible for this find, McLennan should be paid £1.98 million for this treasure.

The wife of the founder wrote the following on her Facebook page:

“We are honored and feel privileged to have saved this internationally significant treasure and we look forward to the many exciting discoveries that will be further revealed. “We cannot wait for its eventual display in Scotland’s National Museum.”

There was a debate about the money because with other countries the award should be split between the founder of the items and the landowner, because this discovery was made on private property. But it was ruled in Scotland that the person responsible of the discovery should keep the full amount of the award handed to him.

Experts are suggesting that the haul was unique and it was a beautiful display of a variety of objects that have unknown connections between many cultures across Europe in the 10th century.

The director of the Nation Museums in Scotland said the following:

“We now have six months to raise £1.98m to acquire this unique treasure for the nation and ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations both at home and abroad,”

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