We at About History have played all of the given games here, and enjoyed every single one of them. We decided to reveal to you which ones were the best that are for the most part are historically accurate. Just to make sure this is not a list of the best strategy games ever, just a list of games that we think are an awesome historical experience.

 10 – Medieval II Total War & Kingdoms Expansion 

The campaign allows you to assume control of a nation from Medieval Times, and build a civilization, both economically and militarily in order to conquer other nations.

9 – Cossacks III 

This strategy game gives you the chance to lead a massive gunpowder age armies and just witness the horrors of warfare.

8 – Civilization V

A turn-based strategy game that gives you the chance to play as one of the greatest people in history and build a Civilization that will stand the test of time.

7 – Crusader Kings II 

One of the hardest and best Medieval grand strategy games out there. I don’t think there is a strategy game that will make you feel more of a real Medieval ruler of any nation from the Middle ages more than Crusader Kings II. Especially when you can build your own dynasty  and change the course of History.

6 – The Kings Crusade 

The Kinks Crusade, for people that are just too much a fan of Richard the Lionheart and his Crusade against Saladin.

5 – Rise of Nations

Every old school strategy gamer knows Rise of Nations, and has spent a lot of time playing this game.

4 – Company of Heroes II 

Company of Heroes I & II are awesome games that depict the horrors of world war II. These games give you a detailed and awesome experience of World War II warfare from the beaches of Normandy to the cold winters of Stalingrad the feeling of sacrifice and real loss of human life. May another World War never happen!

3 – Stronghold Crusader 

Is there any other Medieval game that is more enjoyable than Stronghold Crusader. There isn’t a single strategy game lover that hasn’t played Stronghold Crusader, the game is just that good. Can’t place it there m’lord!, “You are the….uhm…..seventh GREATEST lord…”, “Oh….half rations.”

2 – Age of Empires III

The game portrays the European colonization of the Americas, between approximately 1492 and 1876 CE. There are fourteen total civilizations to play within the game. Who started to learn history by playing Age of Empires III? We will never forget the classic that is Age of Empires III. The gameplay experience that is provided by this strategy game has not been reached till this day.

1 – Rome Total war I & II 

Kind of hard to make up your mind about number 1, because there are just so many great games that make you feel like you are reliving those Ancient times. Rome Total War, We think there isn’t a gamer out there that could hate or say something bad about Rome Total War and its representation of history. The ability to use strategy on the battlefield while you are leading large armies, siege cities and be the leader of an Ancient Civilization it’s just too good to pass.