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The Life of Blackbeard Pirate – Myth or Real?

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Is Blackbeard a real pirate?

Blackbeard was in fact a real pirate and was also known as Edward Teach.

Among all the pirates in history, Blackbeard pirate is one of the most famous.

He first started with a famous story, he seized a merchant ship and renamed her into his most famous ship “Queen Ann’s Revenge”.

This ship was a big merchant ship from France and it wasn’t meant for war.

blackbeard pirateBut Teach added somewhere around 35 – 40 guns to it and made it a vicious death machine.

This ship was discovered by archeologists in 1996.

He used this ship to seize other ships and to get plunder from the cargo of other merchant ships or even attack other pirates and military ships.

Blackbeard used fear as his weapon – everyone was terrified of him.

But where fear wasn’t enough he used force with tactical planning.

The safe house for the pirates were the Bahamas – that is where they could get some rest and reorder.

It was also a good place to sell the stolen goods to the merchants on the islands. This is how the pirates made money.

After Blackbeard pirate got Queen Ann’s Revenge he started plundering Central and South America, including the islands.

He also received another nickname, he was called the Great Devil which brought more fear to whoever opposed him.

Who is Blackbeard pirate?

It’s still not known whether he was called Blackbeard or Edward Teach.

Edward Teach was born in England around the late 17th century.

He was enlisted working for the crown.

It is known that he began his pirate journey with a servant to the English crown a guy named Benjamin Hornigold.

With Hornigold they cruised the east coast of North America, they seized and plundered a lot of ships, and seized around 8 merchant ships.

In 1717, Blackbeard began to plunder the East coast of America and captured around 14 – 16 ships in just 6 short weeks.

But after he became famous there is a good portion of storytelling about him and his achievements.

In this period, colonization of American land was popular but provinces were already established.

Trade was going great, which meant that pirates were everywhere. The pirates would go after personal wealth or the wealth of large companies and royal families.

How did Blackbeard the pirate die?

Blackbeard pirate went to occupy the port of Charles Town in North America.

The higher officers got notice of this act and made it their personal duty to get rid of this pirate.

He seized the town for days but moved up the coast of North America.

Blackbeard the pirate got caught, but he and his crew got pardons for their acts and got listed as soldiers for the crown. But he started plundering again.

In the final battle in 1718 Blackbeard fought off against the English crown but he lost.

He was seen shot and stabbed a lot of times before he died. After that, his head was removed and was displayed as a warning for piracy.

He left a monstrous legacy in such a short period of time and his legacy still grows as one of the greatest pirate legends of all time.

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