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Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, Three of the Greatest Western African Trading States

Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were three of the greatest western African trading states. These three Western African states dominated the trade of gold, salt, and...

Priests and Their Role in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, the clergy and the Church were very influential. The kings appointed members of the clergy including the bishops and priests. In return,...

Greatest Historical Leaders From Asia That You Must Know About

1) Genghis Khan: The most well-known asian leaders in history is none other but Genghis Khan. Born Temujin and into a noble family from a clan...

The Ten Deadliest Natural Disasters in History

10. Great Tangshan earthquake The Tangshan earthquake, also known as the Great Tangshan earthquake, was a natural disaster that occurred on July 28, 1976. It is believed to be...

The Barbaric Huns and Their Extreme Beauty Standards

Throughout the world and different time periods, beauty standards have changed and developed drastically. The Huns terrorized much of Europe and the Roman Empire during...

The Unthinkable Horror Of Prison During The Middle Ages

Have you ever wondered what prison during the middle ages was like? The outcome of crimes during the middle ages were dependent on one's social...

Why Are Medieval Castle Stairs Always Clockwise?

There are many medieval castles still standing today. The majority of the castles are made from stone. The earlier castles were made from wood. The...

How different were Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Vikings?

Today we refer to Viking Age Scandinavians generally as Vikings as though they were one group. But the people known as Vikings weren't an...

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How King Louis the Great Made France Into the Leading Power in Europe

Known as the “Sun King,” Louis XIV centralized power in the French monarchy and reigned over a period of great prosperity in which France became a dominant force in Europe.

Imperialism and the Conquest and Colonization of Africa by Europeans

Imperialism, or the extension of one nation-state’s domination or control over territory outside its own boundaries, peaked in the 19th century as European powers...

How 600 Soldiers Destroyed the Aztec Empire and Conquered Most of Mexico

Around 400 Spanish soldiers, 16 mounted soldiers, and 200 native American's were used for this conquest.

The Role of the Jester in the Medieval Society

In this way, jesters also played a role to prevent over-oppression due to political affairs and they also helped the members of the nobility to rule well.

The Use and History of the Facon Knife

As the Portuguese explorers went through South America, the native people that lived there adopted this particular blade, and pretty soon after the Gauchos got introduced to this knife, and it was a perfect fit for their needs.