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The Battle of Lechfeld 955 AD (Video)

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On August 10, 955, German troops led by King Otto I defeated nomads who invaded Central Europe — the Hungarians (Magyar tribes who later settled on the territory of modern Hungary) and permanently stopped their devastating raids on Christian countries. The battle took place on the river Lech at Augsburg.

The battle was preceded by a siege and an attempt by the Hungarians to storm Augsburg. The king gathered 10,000 horsemen, but still inferior to the barbarians in number, although he surpassed them with their weapons – heavy German cavalry against the light Hungarian. The victory was achieved, first of all, thanks to the discipline. Having surrounded the Germans, the Hungarians dismounted and began to plunder the wagons, which allowed Otto I to destroy the dismounted and then strike the main horde. Pursuing the fleeing, the German troops did not disturb the order, remembering their small number. The Germans executed prisoners of the Hungarians, including one of their leaders Lele, and cut off their noses and ears to the survivors and sent them to their own mutilated.

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