In this article you are going to gain a visual presentation of the battle of Hastings, but before you get there, we want to inform you about which events provoked that battle and why it all happened… Enjoy.

The famous battle of Hastings which took place on the 14th of October in 1066 between the army of William from Normandy (later known as “the conqueror”), and the Anglo-Saxon king Harold Godwinson, was the beginning of the Norman conquest of England. The Norman-French army fought each other to a close proximity of Hastings, hence the name. As it is wildly known it resulted in a Norman victory.The aftermath of this conquest was brutal and huge changes were made in the kingdom, changes that included the elite upper classes, lower classes, the language, the Governmental systems, the immigration, intermarriage, society and more.

It all started when King Edward (also known as the Confessor) died without leaving an heir in 1066. This was the reason for the start of the succession war for the then open throne. Harold was crowned king right after the death of Edward, but his claim was disputed by William. Other contestants in the war for the throne were the famous king Harald Hardada (also known as Harold III) from Norway, and Tostig. But they were defeated by Harold the current king at the battles of Fulford and Stamford Bridge. Harold gained two victories but this made him weaker and exhausted while the Norman conqueror was just getting started. Battles ensued…

While he was fighting up north, William landed his forces and started the invasion in the Southern parts of England and he established a base. This move made by William made Harold gather his forces quickly and move south so he could face the army of his enemy.

We can’t explain further about this battle because it would disrupt the point of this video. This is a major battle that had a huge impact in the history of England and Western Europe, so be sure to watch it.


Early efforts from the invaders to break off the greatly held battle lines by the English had little to no effect, so they developed a tactic of pretending to flee in panic and for them to later turn upon their pursuers. The death of Harold which was near the end of the battle, led to a major retreat and defeat. After a little pursuit and further marching, William was crowned king on Christmas in 1066.

There were many rebellions while William was ruler, but they resolved them fast and effective. Casualty figures are hard to come by, but some historians estimate that 2,000 invaders died along with about twice that number of Englishmen. William founded a monastery at the site of the battle, the high altar of the abbey church supposedly placed at the spot where Harold died

A direct consequence of the invasion was the almost total elimination of the old English aristocracy and the loss of English control over the Catholic Church in England.

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