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A Bone Chilling Animation Of The Final Day Of Pompeii

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Pompeii is an ancient roman town located in the Republic of Italy, near Naples.

Pompeii along with other nearby villages and villas were in the surrounding area that was mostly destroyed and buried under 5-7 meters of volcanic ash, which was caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 CE.

By the time of its destruction, it was believed that this town had around 10,000 or 11,000 inhabitants, and that the city was quite advanced for its time.

It had a complex water system, gymnasium, theatre, and more. But in an instant it was destroyed by this volcanic eruption and the city was buried and lost forever. Everyone that was in close proximity died, but there were also survivors that could be found from written sources, explaining the situation.

This site was lost for thousands of years, until it was discovered in the year 1748, and now it is part of the UNESCO world heritage site, with millions of tourists every year.

The first time we watched this goosebumps ensued. It’s an amazing video that we want to share with our readers!

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