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Hayden Chakra

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The Persian campaign of Julian the Apostate, Stages 2, 3 & 4

Stage II (from the battle of Ctesiphon before the start of the retreat) Here - under the walls...

The Persian campaign of Julian the Apostate

Before the Campaign The invasion of Roman troops under the command of Emperor Julian the Apostate on the territory...

Three Things About The Varangians and Their History

Kievian Rus' The terms “Varangian” and “Rus” can sometimes be used interchangeably. Scandinavian descent of those who are settled in the Dnieper-Volga region during the...

The Seven Month Rule of Emperor Jovian and Its Huge Impact

Jovian was born in 330 (or 331 ) in Singidunum (present-day Belgrade ) in the family of the Comites Domestica. Pagan authors,...

Valentinian I – The Last Great Western Emperor

Early Life & Carreer Valentinian was born in 321 year in the southern Pannonian city ​​of Tsibale in...

Roman Emperor Valens – The Beginning of the End

Co-Rule Valent and his brother Valentinian were born in the southern Pannonian city ​​of Kibale in the family of...

The Rule of Emperor Gratian

Early Life Flavius ​​Gratian was born on April 18, 359 in Sirmium to a Roman officer family in the...

The Rule of Arcadius

Early Life Arcadius was born in Spain in 377. His teachers were Themistius and Saint Arsenius the Great. Proclaimed...

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