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Hayden Chakra

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The Rule of Pope Gregory IX

Pope Gregory IX had an amazing life and was responsible for a number of decrees that shaped European history.

Pharaoh Menes and the Unification of Egypt

The story of Pharaoh Menes is surrounded in folklore and mystery. Was he really the first pharaoh that united the country of Egypt?

The History of Typography – The Process of Creating Printed Materials

Typography was invented twice: once in China and Korea and in medieval Europe. In China, printing was invented, according to some data (Julien, "Documents...

The Fall of Granada – Granada War

The capture of Malaga Malaga, the main seaport of the Granada Emirate, in 1487 became the main target of the Castilian forces. Emir az-Zagall was...

Julian The Apostate and The Fight For Paganism

Path to Power Born in Constantinople, the son of Julius Constance, brother of Constantine the Great, and his second...

The Persian campaign of Julian the Apostate, Stages 2, 3 & 4

Stage II (from the battle of Ctesiphon before the start of the retreat) Here - under the walls...

The Persian campaign of Julian the Apostate

Before the Campaign The invasion of Roman troops under the command of Emperor Julian the Apostate on the territory...

Three Things About The Varangians and Their History

Kievian Rus' The terms “Varangian” and “Rus” can sometimes be used interchangeably. Scandinavian descent of those who are settled in the Dnieper-Volga region during the...

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