Who we are…

Launched in 2017, About History has successfully grown to reach fellow historians all over the world through our website and Facebook Page. We have always stood to make history interesting and accessible to everyone.

“History means nothing until someone reads it.”

And now you can wear it!

We take pride in each of our carefully crafted products.

Our pieces have been inspired by monumental historic events combined with modern day style.

To us, sophisticated and minimalist pieces allow for our designs to make a personal style statement on their own.

Bringing together the past and present, we know our products will satisfy your historic craving!

guy wearing marcus aurelius t shirt

Our story began when…

Hayden Chakra, our Chief Editor at About History, was frustrated he couldn’t find the correct blend of history and fashion and boom! The About History Store was born.

If it is not obvious to you yet, we are absolutely OBSESSED with history.

“People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them”

So why not flaunt it in the items we wear? And the mugs we drink from?

The About History Store has been inspired and made for our fellow proud Historians.