There is a story of the so-called gentleman pirate also known as Stede Bonnet. When we are going to discuss this pirate legend we also shall mention the famous Blackbeard because these two pirates were working together until their split after the Siege of Charles Town.

Who Was The Gentleman Pirate?

How did he receive his nickname the gentleman? Well, he comes from a rich English family, he inherited their estate and money. He was a really rich man until he chose to change the path in his life and accepted the pirate life of crime.

It is believed that he is born around 1688, and he inherited the family fortune of a young age because of his father’s death. It wasn’t until he came to an older age when he turned his life upside down and decided to follow the way of the pirates. It was the year 1717 and Blackbeard had built a big name for himself in that time.

His main problem after he became a pirate was the fact that he didn’t have any experience on sea and he was a total beginner. Because he had the money he could always buy a ship. He bough a ship for himself and started his pirate career. In order to have a working ship you must have a crew, so he gathered around 50 – 70 men. His ship was named the Revenge and here is the flag of the ship:

He want to the pirate republic in the Bahamas to the capital Nassau. He was chased by the Spain’s fleet until he arrived at Nassau, there he found safe heaven. Because this was the republic of the pirates he met Edward Teach and after their meeting they made a collaboration.

They plundered a lot of ships and coasts together around the east coast of the American continents. But because he had no experience as a captain he had a lack of respect for his crew, so they left him.After that, he joined the famous Blackbeard. He split away from Blackbeard in 1717 the same year they got together and went to a new way.

He got a pardon which made him a free man and not a pirate. But he could not resist the exciting pirate life so he became a pirate again.

Cape Fear River

This is a famous battle, the battle of Cape fear river is when they fought against the governors of American provinces. It all started when the Gentleman Pirate Bonnet wanted to rest a little bit and repair some damages caused to their ship, and that is why they stopped at the river of cape fear. But the enemy got to them and got them surrounded.

They resisted but not for long because they were outnumbered and surrounded and the pirates lost were captured. With some luck, Bonnet escaped for some time but he was later captured and a trial was going to take place.

His fate was bad, Bonnet the Gentleman Pirate was hanged in 1718 for many reasons under the law.

Even though he didn’t achieve a lot compared to his companion Blackbeard and his name is less known he was still a very serious person with some good background of money and power.