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10 Shocking Facts About Ancient Rome

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1. Surpassing their idols, the ancient Greeks, surgeons following the legions of Rome came up with numerous methods that progressed medicine. The most famous one is the band aid, made from woven cobwebs, honey and vinegar. It made for speedy healing of wounds.

2. The Romans had various ways of taxing their citizens, but the most bizarre one would be the urine tax. Both commoners and the rich and nobility, had to pay their urine tax.

3. Urine was used for various purposes. The most well-known was the use of urine during clothes washing, as it was the primary source of ammonia, needed for cleaning and bleaching.

4. Before converting to Christianity, the Romans were superstitious and rife with uncountable religions. Mysticism, paganism, monotheism, theisms of every sort were practiced in every corner of the conquered territories.

5. As they were superstitious, it is no surprise to discover odd charms, amulets and baubles. One stood out from the rest, the phallic amulet, as they believed it gave them luck and good health. They even used these amulets as wind chimes.

6. According to legend, the founders of Rome were the brothers Romulus and Remus. Their mythical tale describes the two brothers being ostracized by their uncle after he usurped their rightful rule when their father died. The myth speaks that a wolf had nursed the infants until they were old enough to begin their journey.

7. Rome took its’ name from one of the brothers – Romulus. As the brothers took back their rightful position to rule, a dispute between the two as to how to erect the walls around the famous city, ended in fratricide.

8. When Romulus was the one left standing, he made sure Rome would never fall. To do this, he formed legions, levying every male capable of fighting at maturity. The legions became the symbol of Rome.

9. Before Rome became a republic, it was governed by seven kings. After a brutal civil war, Rome became a republic that was governed by two consuls, who, as the kings before them, were advised by the Senate.

10. It is debatable as to when Rome became an empire. Some consider it started with Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon River, his death at the hands of his most trusted advisors and half son, and lastly, Octavian assuming the title of Augustus.

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