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You Must Visit the Most Well Preserved Medieval Street In Europe – The Shambles

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This particular street is often called the best preserved street in Europe. This old medieval street is located in the center of the city of York in England. Walking along this street could give you the best impression of how it was back in the medieval period because many buildings go as far as the fourteenth century.

It goes by the name The Shambles, which originates from the Medieval word Shamel that means “slaughterhouse”. It was once also known as “The Great Flesh Shambles”, probably back in the Anglo-Saxon period England.

This is a historical street of butcher shops and houses and the word was used for the shelves that the butchers put their meat products in order to display them unto the public.

One of the most visited in Europe. Photo Credit


In the year of 1862 there were around 26 butcher shops located in this street. Each side raised was raised so that the butchers could wash away their waste. A lot of blood would flow through the street twice each week. But with time all of the butcher shops have closed and vanished, only a number of shops still have some meat hooks hanging outside their windows so that they would embrace the tradition. It is even possible that there might be original hooks in front of display in those windows we can see today.

It was rebuilt about 1400, when it assumed its present character. Photo Credit

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