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How Were Books Made In the Middle Ages

Each of the medieval period books were written by hand, starting in the early until the medium middle age when talking about Europe, a majority of books were written by people who were in the theology sphere, the monks, nuns and even the priests

Written sources are an essential tool for historical research.

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It allows us to study and compare multiple texts in order to develop validity of a particular event and shape a more accurate representation of history.

Religious scriptures during medieval times

During the middle ages, books had been written by hand.

The majority of books were written by people who were in the theology sphere such as the monks, nuns, and priests.

The Christian faith was dominant across Europe which allowed for many religious scriptures to be written.

An adequate amount of Monks were also present during this period and were able to also provide written knowledge and insight.

Each day at the monastery, monks would practice copying scriptures and create new copies.

As the material papyrus was used to write on could easily be destroyed, preserving copies became essential.

Books Made In the Middle Ages

Writing Advancements

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Nearing the end of the dark ages, more people were academically educated and hence there was an increase in literacy rates.

Professional scribes would write and copy historical texts.

In this period, papyrus had been replaced by animal skin which provided a strong material.

Animal skin was harder to obtain as it must be gathered from a young calf.

While papyrus was cheaper, the skin of an animal was much harder to destroy and if needed could be used to remove the ink and re-write something else.

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