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How did advertising work in the Medieval Period?

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Advertising in the medieval Period

Advertising in the medieval period took some serious work

Word of mouth was popular and like today, had the highest conversion rate.

People often tell their friends and family if they had a pleasant experience with a service or a product.

This way you gain customers through other satisfied customers.

Musicians could add various words and sales pitches into their songs.

Inside their songs, they can create advertisements or propaganda for the current king or prince.

They can either sing his praises or condemn him.

Another form of advertising is through decorative banners.

Streets could be filled with advertisements like this.

This was mass advertising, and if you added these banners or decorations to the main street, then everyone would become influenced by them.

In today’s terms this is called billboard marketing.

Public readings were also a way to spread the word about something you wanted to promote.

Architecture to advertise in the medieval period

Architecture or painting your name on images was also an option to promote your image to the public.

In ancient Rome, Augustus had a very famous statue that was displayed to the public multiple times in order to boost his image to the masses.

For the public, art was the number one form of display advertisement.


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