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The History of the Hittite Civilization and Empire

The Hittite Civilization The Middle-East has been at the forefront of humanities growth, seeing the development of countless civilizations from the coasts of Syria to the Zagros mountains in Iran and the northern Arabian desert to the Caucasus. One such civilization to emerge in the Middle-East were the Hittites, who rose from obscurity in central Anatolia, and would rise to dominance as one of the first great empires of the world, next to the Akkadians & Egyptians. Dawn of the Hittites & the “Old Kingdom” In roughly 2000 BCE, Indo-Europeans, likely originating from modern Ukraine, made their way into...

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The History of Parthia (247 BC – 224 AD)

The Parthian Empire (247BCE-224CE) The Parthian Empire was one of the most illustrious empires in human history, becoming rich largely due to the Silk road. It’s military might, strengthened in reaction to Roman expansionism, played a massive role in creating the identity of the Iranian people. The Parthian Empire stretched from central Asia to Mesopotamia, and from the Caucasus to the Persian Gulf, and kept Roman expansionism in check for roughly 400 standard years. The Parthians toppled the Seleucid Empire and the Kushan Empire, as well as establish their own blood- line in the Armenian Kingdom. Origins While the...

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