This is a very debatable subject because there is a broad amount of people with different professions and positions in the medieval history. Who is the most vicious warrior? Who is the most effective general? Who is the most influential religious leader? Who is the most inspiring poet or artist, and so on, and so on… Those are the kinds of questions that open a debate for our well-informed readers. Then again 1,000 years over an entire continent devolves into a pretty much unanswerable question. So we are going to list a few people that might be a potential answer to this question, but the rest is pretty much a personal opinion. Also feel free to add some of your own thoughts on this question in the comment section of our Facebook Page.

So from this day in the future, we plan on making articles with debatable questions that are going to be asked by you. Our primary cause is not to give you a history lesson that you can probably find all over the internet (that is our secondary cause) but to gather all the people that are interested in the beautiful subject of history and see the way they see history with their opinions, thoughts, and understandings. Thank you for your love and support. Also feel free to share the posts so we can grow as a community of history addicts (in a positive way of course).