What Was The Viking Diet That Made Them So Strong And Powerful ?

Vikings were known to be incredibly strong and resistant people. Part of the reason for their strength is because most of them were hunters and not gatherers, due to their harsh and cold environment vegetation was very poor and they could farm their lands for a very short period of time and store it to survive the long and harsh winter. (that is one of the big reasons they started exploring other lands and developed brilliant trading skills), so they had to hunt animals in order to survive.The Viking diet consisted a high amount of protein and fat, and enough carbs. Even though their climate was terrible studies show that they did not have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Meat and Dairy

Their most abundant meat was pork because the hog was very easy to raise and quick to mature, but they also ate beef, mutton, goats, chicken, duck and occasionally horse meat. They were avid hunters and often captured rain deer, elk, and even bears.  Because they spent so much time on water a giant source of meat (almost 25%) was fish, most abundant fish was the herring. They had great skills of persevering meat through the year, it was dried, salted, smoked etc.. They also ate eggs from the chicken and ducks. They also raised cows for dairy purposes, they lived up to 10 years, old enough to give birth to a calf. They loved drinking milk, whey and buttermilk, they also used the milk to make other dairy products including cheese, skyr, a soft, yogurt-like cheese, curds, and butter. Sour whey was used to preserve cooked meats in the winter.

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