Timeline Of The Viking Era And Why Did It Stop

The Viking era lasted for 250 years. What brought it to an end in approx the years 1030–1066?

In short:

  1. Very important: The states in Europe became far stronger and organized. They could repel the Vikings.
  2. The Vikings that set up Viking colonies, by and by mingled with the native population, married natives and so on. They were mixed with the native population socially and familiarly.
  3. The Vikings from year 1000 and onwards became christinized. This led by and by to that the honour and status they got at home for their plundering and ravaging was not like before. The Church preached against all this brutality, that in the Viking society was so honoured before.
  4. The culture of Scandinavian coutries became in many ways – not in all ways – like the rest of Europe.