The Deadliest Medieval Order Of Assassins – The Hashashins


“When the Christian Crusaders in the East fell upon that invincible order of Assassins, the order of free spirits par excellence, the lowest rank of whom lived a life of obedience the like of which no monastic order has ever achieved, somehow or other they received an inkling of that symbol and watchword that was reserved for the highest ranks alone as their secretum: ‘nothing is true, everything is permitted’, certainly that was freedom of the mind [des Geistes], with that the termination of the belief in truth was announced” – Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

The order of Hashashin, or also known as the middle east Assassins, were a medieval terror spreading gang that excelled in a professional killing of important people. Other names they were recognized by back then were Nizaris, Nizari Ismailis, Batinis “people of the esoteric teachings” or Ta’limiyyah “people of the secret teachings”. They controlled the medieval Islamic world for more than 130 years ( before the Mongols caught them off guard and ended their reign. Their leader was called Hassan al-Sabbah.

Hassan al-Sabbah (1050s–1124) was an incredibly charismatic leader, a brilliant mathematician, a devoted religious scholar, and an incredible diabolic mastermind.He was a passionate devotee of Isma’ili beliefs, Hassan-i Sabbah was well-liked throughout Cairo, Syria and most of the Middle East by other Isma’ilis, which led to a number of people becoming his followers. Using his esteem and popularity, Hassan founded and became The Grand Master of one of the history’s deadliest and most lethal mystery cults. While his motives for founding this order are ultimately unknown, it was said to be all for his own political and personal gain and to also exact vengeance on his enemies “The Crusaders”.


The Alamut Fortress now

Hassan was looking for a certain type of fortress, and he certainly found it(We are unsure if he found it or built it because of the lack of sources). It was thousand-year-old impenetrable mountain fortress of Alamut or also known as “The Death Mountain”.

The Lord of the Mountain commanded over covert brotherhood of fearless, vicious and completely insane warriors completely dedicated to his cause.  They were willing to complete all of his requests even if that meant that they would die, they did it without hesitation for the cause of their master.

There is very little information on how he recruited his “Hashashins” but there are some medieval sources that say what was happening behind the impenetrable walls of the Death Mountain. Because of Hassan’s fame, recruits came to him with the intention of learning the mysterious ways of the Isma’ili. So Hassan placed them in windowless chambers deep beneath the mountain.
There the recruits were studying and learning, until one day one of Hassan’s servants arrived with a “magical” potion (the ingredients were hashish, LSD, and a dirty bong water) for the recruit to drink. They recruit would drink the potion without hesitation and pass out. When he awoke he found himself in the one of the most beautiful and captivating places ever, The hanging gardens of Babylon.

The place looked like heaven, a glorious place full of wine, honey, all kinds of fountains, palm trees and incredibly beautiful and stunning topless women dancing and running all over the place. The recruits enjoyed the Paradise like environment for few hours and then Hassan would appear and say something in the lines of, ” This is what I am offering to you, follow my teaching and submit to my will and I shall show you the way to Heaven. Then they were given the potion again and thrown back in to the smelly windowless chambers of the Death Mountain. Then when the recruit would come back to shitty reality, Hassan appeared again and this time he asked if the initiate was willing to obey him and the creed of the Hashashin. They agreed almost every time, for obvious reasons.


So in a small amount of time Hassan had already created a large army with unbelievable obedience, often times he would order one of his men to perform a swan dive off the top of the fortress (this is the “Leap of Faith” a reference from the Assassin’s Creed games) and the Assassin with zero hesitation would smash in the concrete ground from more than thirty stories up.

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