Queen Ann’s Revenge – Fear of the Sea

This is a very famous ship, it’s shown today in various movies and TV Shows. This wasn’t an ordinary ship, this ship is a legendary piece of creation and it was a property of one of the most feared pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy, the one, and only Blackbeard.

But before Teach got this ship it was something else, this ship was passed around far too many times until it landed in the hands of a great man. First of all this ship history begins with the English state. It was built in 1710 by the hands of the English. They wanted to use it as a war ship with great speed but it was stolen.

It was stolen by the French right after it was built, it was around the year 1711 when the French caught her and made her into a slave transport ship.

But it wasn’t until Blackbeard got a hold of this ship and turned it into one wrathful war machine that was fast but can also take a good punch.


The ship first name was Concord. But after the capture Teach renamed it into the famous Queen Ann’s Revenge.

Captain Blackbeard went perfectly with the ship, this ship carried the famous flag of the Blackbeard which can be viewed here:

The ship was powerful on its own but one of the most powerful methods which the ship had was the fear. It sprang fear around people, meaning that you were living peacefully but anytime a pirate ship might start following your ship and you pray that it isn’t Blackbeard’s.

Blackbeard had a quite good campaign in the two years where he sprung terror but in the end, his story finished bad and he was murdered. But in the same year 1718 he died his ship was sunken months ago and he lost his most precious ship.

The Ships Remains and Images

Today the ship was found in the year 1996. Archeologists are studying the ship and generating new sources on it. Not to get informational here but the cannons found on the ship were from more than one origin of productions, they took it from ships they plundered depending on the quality.

At the wreck site where the ship was found a lot of canons have popped by and even today new materials are found with each dive.

Here are some images of how this impressive ship might have looked like and it’s stats: