Visualization of Constantinople Before the Latin Conquest – The Biggest City in the World

The Byzantine Empire was a gateway that connected two different cultural worlds. It was a huge Empire that had an amazing past as a part of the glorious Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire was split into two pieces the Eastern Roman Empire was born, today known as Byzantine. The empire was located in three continents, but over time it was constantly broken down and eventually destroyed. There was the constant Arabic harassment from the South and East and the Nomadic conquests from the far East.

From the West side there were the Slavic tribes that took huge portions of land from the Empire, making it weaker. But these are not the main factors for the downfall of the Empire. A huge cultural difference form Western Europe could be seen, as their potential rival. Nobody wanted the Empire to exist. But as the main factor for its fall is the inner politics. They weakened the empire so much that made it an easy pray for everyone to pick off like scavengers.

Even though the Empire fell, its cultural dominance still lived on. Their capital and one of the biggest cities in the world, in the medieval period, “Constantinople” is now part of  Turkey under the name, Istanbul. This city was once the biggest city in the medieval period. It was breathtaking and from the sources available this video was made, showing you how it once was. This video was sent by our fans and it is just amazing to watch.