Biggest Misconceptions About The European Knights And The Crusaders During The Medieval Period?

The knight’s armor was useless.
– The reality is it was great and when Muslim forces captured large amounts of European armor, they used it.

The crusaders were just in it to steal wealth or land.

– In truth, most crusaders lost money, and fully expected to lose money, on their campaigns. Some crusaders were in it for number one, the medieval equivalent of corrupt defense contractors or something. But they were the exception. To fully understand this, you have to get a sense of how truly ad hoc the First Crusade was. They kept running into unexpected situations and had to improvise solutions on the spot. No one actually intended to go found the crusader states. But that’s how it worked out due to shifts in politics that played out in realtime.

The crusades opened up trade and learning to Europe, which was a cesspool of ignorance and economic stagnation prior to the crusades.
– The crusades expanded trade and expanded the flow of ideas, but they did not invent them overnight the way simple books will present it.

That crusaders didn’t bathe, weren’t cultured, etc.
– That one’s so wrong I don’t know where to begin. There’s this prevalent idea that crusaders were crazy barbarians who couldn’t even count, and the Muslim were like desert themed neo-classical humanists who would have invented Jeffersonian democracy if the crusaders hadn’t shown up. Here’s the reality. If you got a totally dispassionate third party to get in a time machine and go observe the middle east or Europe in the 11th or 12th century, nobody, on either side, would appear very civilized by today’s standard. But, they wouldn’t appear barbaric in comparison to each other, either.

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